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Nike Air Max
Nike Air Max with the first model released in 1987. Air Max shoes are identified by their midsoles incorporating flexible urethane pouches filled with pressurized gas, visible from the exterior of the shoe and intended to provide cushioning to the underfoot. Its iconic Nike Air Max 97,Nike Air Max 90,Nike Air Max 1 and so on,Find the best deals on the Nike Air Max trainer collection and compare prices on sizes for men, women and kids today!Buy Nike Air Max – All Releases on one single page. Free Worldwide Shipping. Shop new arrivals from Nike Air Max online.
Through the information given by big data, Nike can push different advertisements for each category of people. The protagonist of the advertisement is no longer a popular star who often appears in front of the public, but can accurately touch the new faces of this group of people. For example, once, it launched a strong black female shot putter.
However, this is only the first step towards social media marketing for Nike, and the next operation can truly reflect Nike's understanding of social media marketing.
As soon as the event was launched, it received a large number of fans' participation, and in less than a month, 32 million people watched it. According to a survey by Nielsen, a consulting firm, Adidas, which has spent millions more than $1 billion to become an official sponsor, Nike has gained more than twice the popularity of the world nike air max up cup, and finally surpassed Adidas in the sales of football supplies.
The suede body and handwritten social status insole indicate the yeezy boots nsltd cooperation status. At the same time, five oxford sneakers different Swoosh logo accessories are included with the shoes, which also represent golf, football, baseball, nike dunk lows women's basketball and tennis. In addition, five kinds of bright laces with shoes can also be called sincere.
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